Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful, yet uncertain, times in life.  This is true whether this is your first baby or your tenth.  You may not know where to start or even what you should be looking for.  You may be fearful and seek guidance.  You might know exactly what you want but may be unsure how to get it.  You may just be looking for extra support.

Now is the time to learn your options and prepare for a safe, satisfying, and memorable birth!  When you know your options, you can make choices that are right for you. This is where a doula is beneficial.  I am trained to provide evidence based and unbiased information so you can feel confident that you're making truly informed decisions. 

A woman's birth experience stays with her for life.  It impacts her physical, emotional and spiritual health.  It affects how she bonds with her new child, and of course her baby's very first impressions of the world. My goal is to empower women so they can look forward to their birth with confidence and look back on it with joy!

I look forward to speaking with you by phone or email and discussing how I might serve and support you during this amazing and transformative time of life.

Congratulations & welcome to this wondrous journey!


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